Freezing the Ice Cream

What makes great ice cream great?  If you love ice cream the way we do, then there is a lot of ice cream in the world that is “good”.  In fact, even average ice cream is pretty good.  But, sometimes you get ice cream that is great.  Really, really great ice cream that when you eat it all you can do is smile and let your eyes roll into the back of your head.  What makes that ice cream better than the rest?  The flavor is important, as is the sweetness, but the kicker, the real difference, is the consistency.  You know it when you taste it.  That super creamy, smooth consistency that makes great ice cream great.  What creates that consistency?

There are 2 possible answers; either additives and emulsifiers that change the texture of the ice cream or tiny ice crystals.  You see, when Ice cream is frozen, ice crystals form.  The longer it takes to freeze the ice cream, the larger the crystals grow and the grainier the consistency of the final product.  Conversely, the quicker the ice cream freezes, the smoother the consistency.  The crystals don’t have time to grow large, so the ice cream stays smooth and creamy.  Being the ice cream fanatics we are, we wanted to freeze our ice cream as quickly as possible.  So, we freeze all Eye Scream ice cream with Liquid nitrogen.

Liquid Nitrogen at sea level air pressure is about 321 degrees below zero.  Using it as a coolant means that we can freeze 4 liters of our all-natural ice cream in less than 3 minutes.  Using this technology, we can create ice cream that is smooth and creamy (and its really fun to watch too).  This makes Eye Scream ice cream truly great.  We think it is the best in the world.  Come to the lab and watch our lab technicians freeze up a batch right before your eyes.  Then try it for yourself and let us know what you think.