Who is Behind the Eyeball?

Who is responsible for this madness?

Eye Scream is the brainchild of the Endicott family.  David and Rhonda Endicott along with 3 of their 4 sons: Lawson, Hunter and Hayden came up with the idea for Eye Scream after making liquid nitrogen ice cream at home for family and friends.  What started as a fun experiment, became an obsession, and ultimately led to the idea of opening a lab dedicated to making the best ice cream in the world, frozen instantly with -321 degrees liquid nitrogen.

Even more important than the ice cream itself is the fact that each family member owns a portion of the business.  The kids, age 20 to 10, are primarily responsible for the day to day operation of the business.  They are involved in almost every decision and, after school and homework of course, they work in the business to make it bigger and better.  We feel that the experiences learned in the daily operation of a small business are absolutely invaluable life lessons, no matter what the kids go into as a career.  On top of that, what could be more fun, or bring more happiness to people than making the world’s best Ice Cream?  Come check it out for yourself!