The Doctor

t shirt design 2-eyeDoctor Eye Scream.

Where did he come from? Who is he? What is he?

These are some of the questions we are asked every day, here at the laboratory. The doctor is an odd ball, everyone knows that, but few people know his true origin. Some say he was a mad scientist that accidentally turned himself into an eyeball. Others believe that he was alien that was left here by his species because of his terrible ice cream addiction. However, neither of those stories are true.

You see, Doctor Eye Scream was the creation of a mad scientist in the late 1800’s that went by the name of Iscre Eame (Isir Eem). Doctor Eame was bound and determined to take over the world, and he believed he could achieve his dream by creating a group of intelligent monsters. Iscre’s first attempts were less than unsuccessful, but he continued to work diligently. As he grew older, Doctor Eame knew that his monsters would have to take over his work when he was gone, so he needed to create a leader; and Doctor Eye Scream was born. Iscre froze all of his monsters in liquid nitrogen and set them to thaw out after his death. 

Just a few years later, all of Doctor Eame’s monsters came to life to find an abandoned lab and many notes on world domination. However, none of the monsters paid attention to the notes. They were way more focused on finding something to eat; after all, they had been frozen for three years. They rummaged through Iscre’s custom-made, nitrogen freezer only to find a container of frozen milk. The monsters dug in and found that they actually liked it! They soon forgot about the plan of world domination and became obsessed with making the best ice cream. The monster we know as Doctor Eye Scream became the lead scientist of the operation and worked for decades to create the best ice cream known to man. 

Now, Doctor Eye Scream believes he has achieved his goal and is ready to share it with the world. Although many of his monsters left, the doctor still has a group of highly trained scientists that work with him to create new and exciting flavors here at Eye Scream Labs. Doctor Eye Scream is often found driving his hot rod, 1972 Cadillac hearse all over the country; looking for new ideas and partly just cruisin’ for fun. This may not be what his creator intended, but we’re not complaining.