Eye Scream Grand Opening Update

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Doctor Eye Scream and the rest of the lab rats have been working hard to prepare for the Eye Scream grand opening. But, we are all feeling a little frustrated as we fight our way through the inevitable delays.

Right now, we are waiting for the delivery of our vacuum-insulated Liquid Nitrogen delivery system. This system is custom built to the doctor’s specifications and is taking longer than expected. We are also expecting the delivery of our Italian ice cream display cabinet the first week of August.


gelato case (cropped)Obviously, we won’t be opening as soon as we would like, but rest assured that we will be open as soon as possible. In the mean time, we will be working hard to create new incredible flavors and will keep you informed of our progress. With any luck, we will be opening sometime in Late August. Stay tuned, and remember; Eye Scream Labs – Because Yogurt Sucks!

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